Blue Mountains Bird Watching – The Bower

Participate in some Blue Mountains Bird Watching as you watch 4 Satin Bowerbirds of differing ages, build, play, display and create the first stages of their incredible bower. Blue Mountains Birdwatching at it’s best.

The Satin Bowerbird is one of the iconic Birds of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney NSW. While not a difficult bird to find and see, this incredible footage shows 2 young birds learning the skills of Bower Building, a slightly older male in Changeling Phase (turning into the beautiful Satin Blue of the adult Satin Bowerbird) and a visit from the Alpha Male of the area. His longstanding bower is about 100 meters away. They tolerate the immature males learning the skills but at some point he will assert his dominance.

Notice the blue clothes peg! The young ones have started gathering the familiar blue objects that they use to decorate the bower. We think the older male is pinching them or more likely getting the back again.

Note – The camera was discreetly set up when the birds were all away from the site and retrieved at a similar moment later in the day.

Note – The Bower is not a nest! It’s their “Love Palace” designed to attract and woo the female. They nest elsewhere.

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P.S    The large dark male seen in the clip has his own bower across the road. It’s magnificent!

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