Blue Mountains Unique Activities


This page focusses on some of the more Unique & Special experiences you can have in the World Famous Blue Mountains.

Star Gazing

With little light pollution, the Blue Mountains are a fantastic spot for Star Gazing. Far away from the bright lights of Sydney, the clear crisp air allows you to  really experience the wonders of the night sky, especially some of the unique features of the Southern Sky that Northern Hemisphere people never get to see!

  • Check out the famous Southern Cross, that appears on the Australian Flag as well as the flags of Brazil, Samoa, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea
  • The Milky Way.  The sections of this viewable from Australia are far Brighter and Busier than the Northern sections!
  • The mysterious Greater & Lesser Magellanic Clouds
  • The beautiful and bright Alpha Centauri, star system. It’s our closest neighbour, made up of three stars.
  • Glimpse objects like Mars, Venus, the Orion Nebula, and Saturn’s rings

A evening of Star Gazing with a professional guide, proper equipment and a warm drink is a highly recommended and unique activity!

Here’s our suggested Tour.  It’s only 90 minutes, so you can easily fit it in to your schedule. Click the photo for full details.




Full Day Small Group Tour

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m visiting somewhere new and time is limited, I’ll always hire a guide or book a very small group tour.  I’ve done this in New York, South Africa, New Zealand and all around Australia. I don’t want to stand around in big queues and be packed in a large bus. I want someone who knows the area extremely well and will take me off the beaten track. I want a unique experience.

Our suggestion is this 8 hour tour that will really give you a Blue Mountains Experience.


Other Unique Activities



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