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Blue Mountains Quotes

A place with such inspiring views and a fascinating history is always going to generate some interesting quotes. Blue Mountains Quotes! We have collected a selection of quotes related to the Blue Mountains, ranging back to the first European explorers, the early settlers, the burgeoning Blue Mountains Tourist Industry and some fun related extras. To… Read more

Kangaroos in the Blue Mountains

High on the bucket list of most visitors to Australia is to see a Kangaroo. And if that Kangaroo is in the wild, so much the better! An obvious thought then, is .. “we are going up to the Blue Mountains, can we see one there?” While it is possible to see a Kangaroo in… Read more

Blue Mountains Art Galleries

The Ultimate Guide to Blue Mountains Art Galleries In this extensive article we cover the Big 3 Destination Galleries , the Dealer Galleries, Artist own Studio Galleries, Tourist focussed Galleries and some quirky smaller outlets! We also have an Arts Resource section, a listing of some information websites, arts networks and a round up of… Read more

Blue Mountains Antiques – Markets

The Blue Mountains is blessed with several large multi dealer Antique Markets. Here is our guide to the best of them. Note – this article focuses on Markets with multiple dealers rather than individual antique shops. We have a separate list and article of the Best Antique Shops. (coming soon.) The Three best Antique Markets… Read more

Blue Mountains Second Hand Bookshops

Second Hand Bookshops in the Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains has a large number of bookshops selling both New Books and Second Hand Books. There are also a number of Antique and Charity shops that have book sections that are well worth checking out. In this article we will focus on the Second Hand Bookshops… Read more

Birds of the Blue Mountains

Top 5 Best Bird Watching Spots in the Blue Mountains There are plenty of wonderful native birds to be seen in the Blue Mountains and a lot of them can be observed just by being out and about. Visitors to the 3 Sisters, Scenic Railway, Wentworth Falls etc, should be able to spot plenty of… Read more

Does it snow in the Blue Mountains?

Does it Snow in the Blue Mountains? Yes, it does snow in the Blue Mountains, but it’s sporadic, unpredictable and doesn’t stay around for too long. So, yes, you do have a chance to see snow up here, but you are going to have to be lucky and you may have to travel further than… Read more