The Best Lookout in the Blue Mountains

It’s hard to pick the best lookout in the Blue Mountains because … there are just so many great choices and … I haven’t been to every one.

So I came up with a plan to deal with both issues. I would ask the followers on our Blue Mountains Insider Instagram Feed! With a 1000 people we should have a pretty wide selection of opinions on what really is the Best Lookout in the Blue Mountains.

And to make it fun and easier to pick, I would limit the choice to just 2 Lookouts each time.

So welcome to the “Blue Mountains Best Lookout Smackdown!

I’ve picked 16 of the Best Blue Mountains Lookouts. Each day I’m able, I’ll post an Instagram Story Poll. You choose one of the two Blue Mountains Lookouts listed. The winner of the Poll, goes through to the next Round!

To get us started, for the first 4 or 5, I’m matching Lookouts in similar locations. Wentworth Falls Lookouts, Leura Lookouts, Katoomba Lookouts, Blackheath Lookouts & Mount Victoria Lookout & beyond.

Then it’s going to be a random draw!

So, there will be the big name highly visited lookouts versus some of the smaller, well loved underdogs. Who will prevail!

So, to cast your vote, make sure you follow us on Instagram and then watch out for the Poll on Stories.

I’ll post the Results here as we go!

ROUND 1  –   

Echo Point vs Cahill’s Lookout                                                                                  – Winner is Cahill’s Lookout
Evans Lookout vs Govett’s Leap                                                                                – Winner is Govett’s Leap
Lincolns Rock vs Princes Rock                                                                                   – Winner is Lincoln’s Rock
Gordon Falls vs Sublime Point                                                                                   – Winner is  Sublime Point
Pulpit Rock  vs  Perry’s Lookdown                                                                            – Winner is Pulpit Rock
Katoomba Falls Lookout  vs  Wentworth Falls Lookout                                       – Winner is Wentworth Falls Lookout
Elysian Lookout Leura   vs   Chalmers Lookout Glenbrook                                 – Winner is Elysian Lookout
Hanging Rock/Baltzer Lookout Blackheath  vs Hassan’s Walls  Lithgow        –  Winner is Hanging Rock/Baltzer Lookout Blackheath

(Comments on Round 1 )

I guess the biggest news here is Echo Point getting kicked out in the first round. Not really a surprise. One of the reasons I am doing this event is to show you there are so many other options to visit than just Echo Point.
Bit sorry to see Perry’s Lookdown get bumped as well, but a hard draw, up against Pulpit Rock who I suspect we will see in the final!)

Round 2  – Quarter Finals  – Random Draw

Wednesday 22nd       Sublime Point, Leura    vs    Lincoln’s Rock, Wentworth Falls                                        – Winner is Sublime Point

Thursday 23rd           Cahill’s Lookout, Katoomba    vs    Pulpit Rock,  Blackheath                                           – Winner is Pulpit Rock

Friday 24th                 Govett’s Leap, Blackheath    vs   Hanging Rock/Baltzer Lookout, Blackheath            –  Winner is Govett’s Leap 

Saturday 25th             Wentworth Falls Lookout   vs    Elysian Lookout, Leura
– Winner is Wentworth Falls Lookout     

(Comments on the Quarter Finals) 

Oh, I would have thought Lincoln’s would take the first matchup, with the ability to take that Instagram worthy shot!
But Sublime Point is such a cracker of a lookout with a classic view!

Pulpit Rock for the win!   What a spot.

Govett’s Leap vs Hanging Rock/Baltzer!   This was an unlucky draw as both are contenders for the final!  The Vote went back and forth throughout the day, but Govett’s is declared the winner.  I suspect that the extra effort required to get out to Baltzer was the deciding factor.

Wenty Falls v Elysian  Running the vote on Christmas day could be a decider here!    Your Vote really counts!
Yep, it was close   …    56% to 44%    but Wentworth Falls Lookout takes the final spot!

The Semi Final Draw will be posted below soon!


Round 3  – Semi Finals   –    Random Draw  Voting Opens 8am  –   23 hours Only

If there is a draw at 7am the next day, we will conduct an “extra time” playoff for the following day. I suspect this will be very close.

Monday  27th      Pulpit Rock,  Blackheath        vs     Sublime Point.  Leura    Winner is – Sublime Point!

Tuesday  28th      Govett’s Leap, Blackheath     vs     Wentworth Falls Lookout,  Wentworth Falls                  Winner is – Govett’s Leap!  


(Comments on the Semi Finals)

Sublime Point takes a place in the Final with a win over Pulpit Rock  53% – 47%.
This one was always going to be close.   I really like Pulpit Rock.
Govett’s Leap with a very convincing win!  70% v 30%
It’s a rest day today with the FINAL tomorrow   Thursday

Final     –   Thursday 30th      Voting Opens 8am  –   24 hours Only

Sublime Point, Leura         vs      Govett’s Leap, Blackheath

The Winner is Govett’s Leap, Blackheath with another convincing victory    64% v 36%

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